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Warrior Adventure Quest

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What is Warrior Adventure Quest?

  • Department of the Army initiative, by executive order (Execution Order
    09-019) to provide high-adventure outdoor recreation programs as part of team building and the Army’s holistic approach to RESET
  • Warrior Adventure Quest is a free resiliency training for Army units.  All units are now eligible for participation. Non-deploying units can attend once every two years while units who are 120 days prior to deployment or 120 days after deployment can attend during that time frame.
  • Helps strengthen Soldiers resiliency and builds strong bonds that will last throughout deployment (pre deployment)
  • Mitigates common high risk behaviors (post deployment)

The following activities are what is offered through Warrior Adventure Quest:

Please note: We can do 2 sessions (0830-1200 and 1230-1600) per day, with the exception of Broom Ball; as we can only do 1 session per day.

  • Alpine Tower (Max 20) available MON-FRI
  • Broom Ball (Max 50) available MON-FRI (0730-1100)
  • Indoor Rock Climbing (Max 80) available MON-FRI
  • Kayaking (Max 25) available MON-THU (0830-1200)
  • Mountain Biking (Max 30) available MON, TUE, THU, FRI
  • Paintball (Max 30 0830-1200/1230-1600, Max 60 0830-1600) available MON-FRI
  • Skeet/Trap Shooting (Max 25) available MON-FRI
  • Ski Rixen (Max 20) available MON-THU
  • Tactical Laser Tag (Max 50) available MON-FRI
  • The Odyssey Ropes Course (Max 20 0830-1600)

View the WAQ Activities Calendar to see what has already been scheduled by Units. (Please note that this calendar is only viewable when browsing with Firefox or Chrome, or when using a mobile device). Please call the office for availability if you are unable to view the calendar.

Activity Request Form (.pdf)

How To Get Your Unit Involved

Unit leadership will contact and coordinate all WAQ activities for their respective platoon’s.

Promotional Materials

L-LAAD Guidance (.pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Warrior Adventure Quest?

Warrior Adventure Quest is a Department of the Army initiative to provide high-adventure outdoor recreation programs as part of team building and the Army’s holistic approach to RESET. WAQ is designed to re-create the adrenaline rush of combat action in a supervised, controlled, high adventure activity which is supervised by FMWR Outdoor recreation staff. WAQ instills cohesion, builds teamwork and maintains combat readiness through high-adventure activities. This program enables Soldiers to reach a “new stage of normal” by diminishing boredom and high-risk behavior, through outdoor recreation and an L-LAAD Debriefing. Soldiers will be able to draw similarities between the adventure activity and their Warrior experiences.

Where do we do paintball activities?

All WAQ paintball activities are now offered at the Clay Target Center. The Clay Target Center has facilities for woodsball only.

Where is the Clay Target Center Located?  What equipment is provided for paintball?

The Clay Target Center is located at 651 East Manchester Road, Spring Lake, NC 28390. To get to the Clay Target Center take 87 North (Liberty Blvd.) to E. Manchester Road. Turn right on E. Manchester and travel ½ mile until you see the brown Clay Target Center sign on the right hand side and turn right.

Soldiers will be provided with a paintball marker, head gear with eye protection, and 700 paintballs.

How much does it cost to participate in the Warrior Adventure Quest?

The WAQ program is offered free of charge to units and will ideally be utilized 120 day pre or post deployment.

How can I schedule my unit to come through the Warrior Adventure Quest program?

To schedule WAQ activities, contact us!

How much notice do I need to give for scheduling my event?

WAQ events are ideally scheduled two weeks in advance to allow for proper facility staffing. Confirmation that your unit will be participating in the event will need to be given at least 24 hours in advance or risk cancellation of event.

Is there anything else required of my unit once we reserve the dates for our activities?

The participating unit will be required to provide an NCOIC or OIC to conduct a Leader Led After Action Debriefing (L-LAAD). The requirements of the L-LAAD will be discussed with WAQ Program Director prior to the WAQ activity.  Unit leaders will also be given materials to provide Soldiers training regarding the Warrior Adventure Quest prior to their activities. Finally, all participating Soldiers will be required to fill out a post-survey which will be sent back to the Department of the Army Warrior Adventure Quest.