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The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) provides comprehensive support to Family members with special needs. An Exceptional Family Member is a Family member with any physical, emotional, developmental, or intellectual disorder that requires special treatment, therapy, education, training, or counseling, and meets the eligibility criteria. EFMP pertains to active-duty Soldiers, US Army Reserve Soldiers in the Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Program, and Army National Guard AGR personnel serving under authority of 10 USC or 32 USC. Department of the Army Civilians do not enroll in the program.

EFMP takes an all-inclusive approach to coordinating military and civilian community, educational, medical, housing, and personnel services to help Soldiers and their Families with special needs. Enrollment in EFMP includes a wide array of benefits, detailed in the EFMP Benefits Fact Sheet.

EFMP enrollment does not adversely affect promotions, schools, or assignments. EFMP information is not made available to selection boards.

Soldiers with Exceptional Family Members are required to register for EFMP and keep enrollment information current. That way, Family needs will be considered during the OCONUS assignments process. If you’re eligible for EFMP services, Family members must be screened and enrolled when they accompany authorized Soldiers on OCONUS assignments. Screenings include a medical records review for all Family members and developmental screening for all children 72 months and younger. (Special education needs are considered only in assignments outside the United States. Assignments within the US and its territories are not based on the educational needs of children.)

For more information about EFMP and helpful articles about the program, look at the Enterprise EFMP site. After that, contact the installation EFMP manager at your local Army Community Service (ACS) office. To learn more about medical enrollment, see the Program Overview.


EFMP Resources

Here are some helpful resources for EFMP Families.

(Government Links)

  • Systems Navigators. Systems navigators are ACS EFMP staff members available on most Army installations. They assist EFMP Families with navigating through the available systems of care.​​​​
  • EFMP Newsletter. The Exceptional Advocate is the DoD’s EFMP newsletter, which includes helpful information and resources.
  • Military OneSouce. Military OneSource’s EFMP & Me tool allows Families to explore the details of EFMP benefits and processes.
  • DirectSTEP. DirectSTEP® eCourses are available for free to Soldiers and Family Members, Army EFMP staff, and Special Education staff associated with teaching military children. DirectSTEP® eCourses teach staff, parents, and educators how to handle critical education issues to obtain positive outcomes.
  • Respite Care Support. The Army’s Respite Care Support services provide a temporary rest period for Family members responsible for regular care of persons with disabilities. Care may be provided in the EFM respite care user’s home.

(Non-Government Links, No Endorsement Implied)

  • Center for Parent Information and Resources (CPIR). CPIR serves as a central resource of information and products to the community of Parent Training Information (PTI) Centers and Community Parent Resource Centers, so they can focus their efforts on serving Families of children with disabilities. 
  • American Camp Association (ACA). The ACA is a community of camp professionals who join together to share their knowledge and experience and ensure the quality of camp programs, including those for Exceptional Family Members.


Fort Liberty ACS EFMP Family Support Newsletter

Stay involved with our local newsletter (.pdf) which includes upcoming events, tips and information.


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Important Phone Numbers & Helpful Websites

Program Manager:
+1 (910)907-3395
EFMP Coordinator:
+1 (910)907-3405
EFMP Specialist:
+1 (910)643-6997
+1 (910)643-6993
+1 (910)907-5623

Helpful Websites (.pdf)

Systems Navigation Services

Systems Navigators are knowledgeable about the systems of care used by Families with special needs. The primary role of a Systems Navigator is to navigate in processing and intensive need Families through the available systems of care. Systems Navigators also assist Families who are transitioning from the program, due to retirement, separation from the military, transition to Title 32 status, or transition to another duty station. A Systems Navigator can help you develop a Family Service Plan to reach your goals, identify support groups and social activities, make necessary referrals, provide information about disabilities or medical conditions of concern, and strengthen your ability to advocate for your EFM. To refer a Family for Systems Navigation services, download the System’s Navigation Referral Form (.pdf).

Downloadable Documents

Please note:  Because these are official government forms, you may have trouble viewing them within your browser. If you are having trouble viewing these PDFs, download the file and save it to your computer. Once saved, close the file out completely and close out your browser, then you can open the document from your computer.


Fort Liberty Housing is privatized and is operated by Corvias Military Living. The housing waiting lists vary based on rank and Family size. Many Families assume because of their EFMP enrollment they receive prioritized housing, but this is NOT true. They are required to complete a request for a medical exception to policy that is a result of a medical condition of the sponsor and/or any of his/her dependents.

Examples (not limited to the list below): 

  1. SM requests to be accelerated on the waiting list due to a fragile medical condition of a Family member and resulting need to be close to the medical treatment facility.
  2. SM requests to move to a larger home or to a single level home due to a medical condition. 
  3. SM requests ADA modifications (estimated over $500).
  4. SM requests to live in a particular school district for the benefit of a special needs child.
  5. SM requests to move to a different home due to allergies, etc.

For required documents and additional information contact Corvias Military Living.

Early Intervention Services

Fort Liberty is fortunate to have an early intervention program, Educational & Developmental Intervention Services (EDIS), to serve children from birth to three years who reside on Fort Liberty and have a medical condition or suspected developmental delay and/or have a medical condition that places the child at risk for developmental delay. This program offers speech, occupational and physical therapy, along with a variety of other specialized services. For more information contact the EDIS Clinic at +1 (910)907-3347. For Families residing off-post, contact an ACS EFMP representative to be directed to the service provider for your community of interest!



For persons residing on Fort Liberty there are special education classes available to meet your child’s needs. In addition to classroom instruction, medically related services are offered to eligible students. A preschool program for children ages 3 and 4 provides a wonderful environment for learning and socialization.


Special Education classes are offered in the surrounding county schools. Contact the offices listed below for your county’s school information. Please take the time to research each county’s services, prior to purchasing/renting a home.

Cumberland County Schools
Director of Exceptional Children’s Program
+1 (910)678-2440

Hoke County Schools
Director of Special Education
+1 (910)875-8009

Harnett County Schools
Director of Exceptional Children’s Programs
+1 (910)893-8151

Lee County Schools
Director of Exceptional Children’s Program
+1 (919)774-6226

Moore County Schools
Director of Exceptional Children’s Program
+1 (910)947-2342


Reading with a Purpose

Jun 25 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Jun 26

EFMP Play Mornings

Jun 28 10 am - 11:30 am

Paint with ACS - MR. GIRAFFE

Jun 28 5 pm - 8 pm

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Jul 10 11:30 am

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